John Porter

Software Engineer, Technical Artist, Maker of Games

Incident Commander

Incident Commander is a multiplayer emergency management game that plays like a Realtime Strategy game. Incident Commander is available on Steam.

Plunder Run

Plunder Run is a mobile app I am currently developing in Unity. I made all of the models and gameplay code seen in the video.

Various UI Examples

(Made with Unity)

Various Shader Examples

Dynamic Fluid Shader

This is a HLSL shader that makes the inside of a mesh look like there's a fluid inside, but it's really somewhat of an optical illusion. The motion is driven by a simple rigidbody simulation. There are controls for the fullness of the container and the color of the liquid.

Eye Shader

This is a HLSL shader that gives the impression of there being a distinct cornea and iris. The "indentation" of the iris is controlled by POM parallax mapping. There are additional controls for iris color, pupil dilation, and overall eye size.

Tree Sway Shader

This shader is based off the GPU Gems 3 article Vegetation Procedural Animation and Shading in Crysis. Some creative solutions had to be made due to the lack of support for importing vertex colors in the Source engine.

Conversation Editor

A node based conversation editor coded in C#. The editor is build into the engine editor for quick iteration and data interoperability.

Detailed First-Person Hands

Personal project. Made in Maya, zbrush, and Substance Painter. For the skin, a ramp-based shader was developed to simulate subsurface scattering.


As a freelance project, I made this mech character. I did everything including the high poly mesh, low poly mesh, baking, and textures.

Jumpgate Evolution

I worked as a 3d artist at Netdevil in Louisville, Colorado from 2008 to 2011. There, I made many hard-surface models - many of which can be seen in this promotional wallpaper. I was responsible for the entire pipeline including making the low and high poly meshes in 3ds max, baking normals and AO, and texturing.

Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II

Initially concieved as a Half-Life 2 mod when I was in college, this project has evolved into a full fledged game with the help of a small core team. I was primarily responsible for character modeling, materials, rigging, animation, and setup(ragdolls, attachments, ect). The characters were primarily made in 3ds max.

The game is availble on Steam.